For entrepreneurs investing $30k+ monthly in ads:

I’ll help you scale your business revenue using paid ads with my Limitless Consulting. Pick my brain anytime – for a fixed fee.

With my simple-to-follow proven action plan you’ll turn clicks into sales – so you’ll never worry about your ads strategy again.

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“Alex’s consulting helped us scale almost 6x the sales of our main product while keeping the cost per sale at a minimum. Without his insights we wouldn’t have created an upsell that our audience was craving for, but that we couldn’t even identify, adding +70% to our LTV.”

Brad C.,
Online Entrepreneur

If you want to quickly scale your business using paid ads, this is for you.

Here’s the deal:

There has never been so much  competition for advertising on the internet. And yet, it has become simpler to stand out.

How so?

As it’s so easy to click a “promote post” button, everyone and their aunt is advertising their business.

This levels the playing field downward.

But then, why is it so hard to scale while keeping profits?

The problem is that to stand out and sell more, one need to think. And, well, thinking is one of the rarest things…


I doubt you’ve found an abundance of great ads strategists or thoughtful media buyers for your operation…

In my experience they limit themselves to click a little button here or there, upload some creatives, and let the “intelligence of the ad algorithm” do the work for them.


You know that it DOESN’T work…

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here now.

To stand out today, you need to be disruptive.

But I’m not talking about creating bizarre ads or anything like that.

I’m talking about understanding your customer so well that when they see your ad, they’ll read the thought they repeat in their mind all the time, and they’ll feel that the change your product brings is everything they need.

That’s how you’ll be disruptive. And that’s how they’ll buy from you, without a second thought.

And that’s how we’ll scale your revenue effortlessly, spending little and selling a lot – every single day.

That’s why today I’m offering you my brain.

The brain of someone who has scaled dozens of operations, sold tens of millions of dollars in products and services, worked with the most different niches and traffic sources…

Someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to online sales.

So if you want to have one of the best minds in digital marketing available to you, without limits – at a price that won’t last long – don’t waste any more time and subscribe now to Limitless Consulting.

“Alex’s $500 consulting is worth more than a $8k/mo professional”

"Two hours consulting with Alex brought me more results than hiring three different Media Buyers. Not even a Senior Media Buyer costing me $8k/month provided me with insights as valuable as a few minutes of conversation with him."
Gabriel G.

“From $20k invested to $110k without compromising our profit.”

"We went from endless struggles to achieve a profitable CAC with a monthly budget of $20k in ads, to spending almost $110k/mo while keeping profits high with Alex's guidance."
Jacob Boyle
DTC Brand Founder

“Our revenue multiplied overnight.”

"We trusted Facebook Ads data so much that we didn't realize almost 30% of our entire investment was going to waste with zero returns. Alex showed us where the problem was, and overnight, our revenue multiplied."
Thayna Andrade
E-Com Founder

If you’re a business owner spending $30k+/mo in ads…

You’re Probably Struggling With One (or More) of These Challenges:

❌ Faces rising ad costs while seeing less results
❌ Cannot scale sustainably as investments increase
❌ Difficulty in analyzing data and optimizing ad budgets

❌ Struggles with competitors stealing customers and sales
❌ Don’t have an elite professional to ask for help when shit hits the fan (or when you’re not exactly sure on how to scale your business)

Then look no further…

I Helped Companies Just Like Yours to Multiply Their ROAS By Up To 5x

What I’m offering here isn’t your typical deal, I know.

I’m providing you with nearly a decade of paid advertising expertise, unlimited.

One hour of consultation with me costs $250 and it delivers results like you’ve seen on this page.


Here I’m offering my brain for 8 hours per day, 5 business days a week, for only $497 per month.

It’s the equivalent of $2.85 per hour.

By signing up, you’ll receive:

  1. An audit of one ad account (whether it’s Meta Ads or Google Ads).

  2. Evaluation of your ad strategy on one platform you advertise.

  3. A monthly action plan for improvement, optimization, and scaling of this strategy (and here is the sauce of your growth).

  4. Direct contact with me to assist with your scaling plans, answer ultra-specific media buying questions, provide copy ideas, access to my network of professionals who can help with technical difficulties (e.g., 3rd party tracking, conversion API, website speed optimization, etc.), among many other benefits.

Upon subscribing to the plan, you’ll gain access to a private and exclusive Slack group where you can reach out to me whenever you need*.

No scheduling, no bureaucracy, no hidden fees.

You’ll literally have an elite expert available to help you make the right decisions, at the right time, to sell more every day.

*from 8am to 5pm EST New York timezone

When Working With Me You’ll…

Have a validated growth action plan

I've helped dozens of businesses grow online and developed a validated advertising method that works every time. By grasping the unique aspects of your company, I'll devise a plan with specific steps for you to sell more every day.

Stop losing money with outdated techniques

Instead of banging your head trying to figure out scaling strategies (while wasting money), you'll have access to someone who has tested hundreds of strategies that didn't work - and the few that really work.

Receive an audit of your ads strategy

Now, it's not enough to have a growth plan if what you're currently doing is wrong. I'll analyze your current advertising strategy and also check for technical issues in your ad account that may be eating into your profits without you knowing.

Have access to an elite ads professional

On top of all that, you'll still be able to reach me when you need help implementing the strategies I provide. And even though I don't provide technical support, I know a bunch of experts that can help you in almost any issue you may face.

About me…

Hi, I’m Alex.

I have 8+ years of experience with disruptive paid ads strategy and have generated over $21M in revenue for my clients in 20 different niches. With hands-on expertise in Meta Ads and Google Ads, I can’t remember of a single business that I wasn’t able to multiply the revenue using my easy-to-implement strategies.

How This Service Works


Ads Strategy Analysis

I’ll analyze your ads strategy and show proven ways to optimize it to earn more while spending less


Ad Account Audit

Then I audit your account to fix technical errors that are draining your profits (and you don’t even notice)


Monthly Action Plan

After I tidy up the house, I’ll develop a monthly action plan for fast scale and growth based on your objectives


Access To My Private Group

When you have any doubts, you’ll have full access to my expertise and get elite level answers about your ads strategy

“Pause the campaigns! I can’t handle so many leads!”

"I remember when I sent a message to Alex saying, "Please, pause the campaigns! I can't handle so many leads!" It was a chaos! Less than two weeks running a campaign resulted in a 3-month clients waiting list."
Chris M.
Business Law Firm Founder

“Alex is a strategist who delivers quick results.”

"If you shake a tree, five hundred so called ad experts will fall out, but they usually know nothing. Alex is not just an expert; he's a strategist who delivers quick results."
Carlos A.
Direct Marketer

“I’ve been in the game for over 10 years, and Alex’s insights never cease to amaze me.”

"I've been in the online sales game for over 10 years, and yet Alex's insights into my own business - which I know inside out - consistently surprise me and bring in sales like no other."
Georg Fauken
Infoproduct's Author / Expert

You’ll start here:

Limitless Consulting

$ 497 Monthly
  • Ads Strategy Analysis
  • Ad Account Audit
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • Access to My Private Group

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple: I’m offering you 176 hours per month of paid advertising consulting for just a tiny fixed fee.

This service includes, in addition to paid ads consulting, assistance in generating the best copywriting angle ideas for ads, ad account audits, monthly scale plan, and more.

By subscribing to my service, you’ll get access to an exclusive and private Slack channel to communicate with me whenever you need (from 8 am to 5 pm EST, New York timezone).

Furthermore, you’ll receive an ad account audit and analysis of your ad strategy every 3 months , along with the creation of an improvement plan and month-to-month optimization and scaling of this strategy.

It definitely is and you can reach me out as many times as you need.

Our exclusive and private chat channel will be available 8 hours a day for you to address all your queries.

Consider this: I charge $250 per hour for my individual consulting.

But with Limitless Consulting plan, you’ll have access to me every weekday for 8 hours a day.

In other words, you’ll be paying $2.85 per hour to tap into my knowledge that has generated millions in revenue. Yes, that’s right. The price is so low right now because I’m validating this offer – and as soon as it’s validated the prices will increase dramatically.

About waiting times: I typically respond quickly to simple questions, but, of course, depending on the complexity of the inquiry, it may take more time.

This service is for those who:

  • Sell digital products (infoproduct creators, content creators, experts)
  • Sell physical products (eCommerce, DTC brands, local businesses)
  • Offer online or in-person services (focused on high-ticket offers)


Note: Usually, those seeking my consulting services invest a minimum of $10k per month in advertising budget.

However, while there are highly profitable strategies for lower budgets like this, my expertise primarily lies in the ad investment range of $30k to $500k monthly.

There are various types of businesses I don’t work with, and it has much more to do with mindset than niche.

I chose to specialize in ads because of the scaling power. I’m in this business because I hate irrational grind. And I chose it because I love the 80/20 rule. I love to invest time and energy into what can provide leverage.

So if your company is desperate for results, if it’s on the brink of collapse and you’re looking to me for a last-ditch effort to save it, if you need immediate answers to any and every query: we’re not a good fit.

If you don’t accept brutally honest feedback, if you’re not open to change, if you put your ego or vanity above what works: we’re not a good fit.

If you don’t understand that some strategies take time to yield results, if you believe that the only way to grow is by dedicating an irrational amount of time to your ads instead of thinking smartly: we’re not a good fit (and you probably won’t see decent results until you change that mindset).

This consulting service is only for minimally healthy companies and for emotionally healthy founders who are looking to scale or seeking better results for their campaigns.

Lastly: if your company invests significantly less than $10k monthly, perhaps this consultancy isn’t a good idea. Despite having past experiences scaling small budgets like that at the beginning of my career, typically the margin to test new strategies is not ideal. Additionally, in my experience, some companies with very small budgets expect immediate results – and that’s not a healthy mindset for scaling with ads.

Now, if you understand that ads are the way to go, but that it requires smart and consistent work to solve your problems, I believe that even with low budgets I can help you.


For me to personally manage your ad account, there’s a separate fee range. The cost of my paid traffic service starts at $5,000 per month for investment budgets up to $30,000 per month.

Beyond that amount, an additional 3% of any investment in ads will be charged.

For example:

If you invest $100,000 per month, the total cost of my service will be $7,100.

The math is:

$5,000 up to $30,000 budget
$2,100 for the additional budget (3% of $70,000)

This service is highly sought after, and I take very few clients due to my limited availability.

To inquire about my availability, please send an email to

Usually, yes.

One hour of my consulting session would cost $250, tied to a 6-month contract and five hours minimum per month.

However, at this moment, I am not opening my schedule for this type of service.

I’m seeking to streamline my proccesses, which is why I’ve created the simple, contract-free Limitless Consulting offer.

Absolutely not.

If you want to cancel you subscription, simply press a single button, and the payment plan ceases to exist.

I don’t want to hold anyone in a service that isn’t bringing them the maximum benefit.

That’s precisely why I guarantee what will likely be the best help you’ll ever have in scaling your online business:

It won’t be a contract that obligates you to stay with me; it will be the incredible results.

Once the payment is approved, you’ll receive a form for me to better understand your business and its current state, as well as your main goals you want to achieve with this consultancy.

Then, I’ll grant you access to a private and exclusive Slack channel to communicate directly with me.

Next, I’ll request some important metrics from your ad account (without accessing it) to conduct a technical audit.

Afterwards, I’ll analyze your ad strategy, combining the information provided in the questionnaire with the data from your ad account, along with the ads from your ad library.

With all this information in hand, I’ll provide a detailed plan on how to achieve the goals listed, with actionable steps and ways to measure your progress.

This detailed plan will be reviewed monthly, and the results will be closely monitored by me.

Ready to get started?

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